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Pantone Colour: Flame

The colour ‘Flame’ is exactly what it says on the packet, it’s the colour of the fire, but don’t think destruction, think ‘the desire’ for warmth instead.

Another term ‘burnt orange’ would also be an accurate appraisal.

Flame, A ‘red-based’ orange, is a gregarious and fun loving colour, dramatic, flamboyant, vivacious and theatrical.

So how to use it…certainly if your house has ‘architecturally’ speaking, 'character' or even a sense of the dramatic, you may be brave enough to use Flame as a dominant colour, but you better be prepared to live with it. More likely with a colour as vibrant as this, a little goes a long way, consider small pops of Flame as an accent, to add depth, against a more neutral background, particularly, chocolate brown, black and tones of grey.

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